McKay Conant and Hoover INC. - Acoustics and Media Systems Consultants
We provide comprehensive consulting services on all aspects of design and renovation. This includes feasibility, programming, design, bidding, and construction administration. Our cost-effective and timely solutions are acclaimed by clients and audiences around the world.
Acoustical Services

Sound Isolation: control the transmission of airborne and structure-borne noise, within and outside buildings.

Noise Control: attenuate noise and vibration from HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other building systems.

Room Finishes and Shaping: guide, absorb, and diffuse sound using architectural features for optimal comfort, enjoyment, and program use.

Teaching & Expert-Witnessing: College Classes, Short Courses, Seminars, AIA Continuing Education Unit, Public Hearings, Depositions, and Trials

Environmental Noise: study and advise on impacts due to exterior noise sources such as major transportation systems.


Media Systems Services

Sound Reinforcement: Live Performance, Foreground and Background Audio, Paging, Sound Masking, and Teleconferencing

Video Systems: Multi-Media Presentation, Digital Cinema, Videoconferencing, I-MAG, HDTV, and Satellite

Media Control Systems: Control and Asset Management of AV systems at all levels of complexity

Broadcast/Recording: “On air” and “to media,” all aspects of Digital system and Infrastructure design

ADA Compliant Assisted Listening, Performance Monitoring, Production Communications: All of the “systems behind the systems”

Telecom/IT & Infrastructure: Planning, design and construction administration of complex low-voltage infrastructure and related systems equipment for AV/Telecom/IT systems in all facility types


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